The heavy industry

Noise, dirt and high temperatures at blast furnaces and on cranes or rolling mills quickly turn reliable communication into seemingly unsolvable challenge. However, clearly intelligible communication between various areas of a factory is a key factor in assuring efficient and safe production operations. The specific conditions of heavy industry require reliable, high-quality terminals.

The robust ProCom industrial communication stations ensure smooth process workflows with clear voice transmission even in high noise levels. Additional speakers, flashing lights, and sound protection hoods complete the system in extreme environments.


  • Steel industry
    • Blast furnaces and smelters
    • Hot and cold rolling mills
    • Process control rooms
  • Aluminium plants
  • Cement plants
  • Opencast mining (excavators and conveyors)


Typical demands

  • Process-oriented communication
  • Communication at extremely high volumes
  • Temperature and weather resistance
  • Dust and dirt resistance
  • Crane communication
  • Robust communication stations (operable with gloves)
  • Connection to control centres for central controlling and monitoring
  • Connection to fire & gas detection systems


  • Combined intercom and public address system
  • Weatherproof and explosion-proof communication stations
  • Visually supported communication by connecting flashing lights
  • Use of sound protection hoods
  • Crane communication stations
  • Radio connection