Reaching the destination

ProCom's modern communication and safety solutions have to meet the high demands of railway operations. Safety standards and the highest demands on speech intelligibility in acoustically difficult environments present our development teams with constant challenges, which they successfully overcome.

Areas of application

Our systems are used in a wide range of railway applications, from public address systems for platforms and station halls to entire announcement centres and operational communication at signal boxes and marshalling yards. Flexible IP-capable solutions are just as important here as the possibility of centralised control and simple monitoring of the systems.

  • Platforms
  • Station halls
  • Marshalling yards
  • Signal boxes & track sections
  • Level crossings

Typical demands

  • Passenger warning in accordance with the requirements of German Railways according to equipment level 1
  • Passenger information in accordance with the requirements of German Railways to equipment level 2
  • Interoperability in accordance with All-IP public address system specifications
  • Connection to central announcement centres
  • Connection to passenger information systems
  • A/B public address system according to DIN VDE 0833-4
  • Hot stand-by amplifiers
  • Monitoring of impedance, short circuit, and ground fault
  • Configurable priority control
  • Barrier control systems for level crossings
  • Intercom systems for signal boxes


  • Client / Server System VCC
  • Public address system type PAGACon All-IP
  • IP desktop station type CS-46 / CS-46D
  • IP platform station type WPS-IP
  • Configuration software VoIP-Com Tools