Intercom systems

Secure and fast communication for more efficiency   

ProCom’s intercom systems provide you with secure and effective communication even in harsh and noisy environments. Our high-quality systems meet the highest security requirements, enable proactive security management, and ensure reliable process communication.

Whether at blast furnace, on oil platforms, in potentially explosive areas of the chemical industry, or in signal boxes and marshalling yards - fast, safe, and clear communication is essential everywhere.

In process communication, it is important to establish a connection quickly. With push-to-talk technology, direct connections to pre-programmed destinations are established within milliseconds. Fast and targeted communication helps to avoid risks, reduce errors and optimise processes.

The high quality of our components and the continuous monitoring of our intercom systems ensure maximum reliability and availability. Additionally, our products have all necessary certifications and comply with national and international standards.



  • In-house development of our public address systems (DVS / VoIP-Com)
  • Product manufacturing and cabinet construction - "Made in Germany”
  • 100% product / system testing before delivery
  • Planning and conceptual design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Support, supervision, or execution of end customer acceptances
  • Maintenance
  • After-sales service

Modular system architecture

The modular system architecture of our systems can be perfectly tailored to your specific requirements and expanded with additional components at any time. Integration with public address and alarm systems, as well as interfaces to control centre technology and other systems like fire alarm systems, telephone systems, etc. enables holistic communication solutions.

Specially tailored to your requirements, we offer the optimal voice communication solution. Contact us; we are happy to advise you!