Tunnel Emergency Call

Rails and roads

Our solutions

  • Emergency call stations
  • Control station systems with monitor-equipped workstations
  • Call station monitoring
  • Error message transmission
  • Connection to various communication networks
  • Loudspeakers

A tunnel emergency places extremely high demands on communication and safety solutions. Accidents and breakdowns in tunnel areas are extremely dangerous for everyone involved. Should an incident occur, it is of cardinal importance that road-users be afforded the greatest possible safety as well as prompt assistance. In this situation, the extremely robust ProCom emergency call stations is a potential lifesaver. Specially designed for use in harsh environments, it provides faultless speech quality even with high levels of background noise. Networked, monitor-equipped workstations in the control centre ensure the rapid localisation of persons in need of assistance and all call stations are monitored. The ProCom tunnel solutions are easily integrated in existing control centres and the adaptation of various communication networks is easily implemented.

Areas of application:

  • Tunnel distress calls for rail and road
  • Control centres

Typical requirements:

  • Maximum safety and assistance for road users
  • Quick response times in the event of an emergency
  • Localisation of the caller requiring assistance
  • Easy operation
  • Efficient communication even in noisy environments
  • Resistance to dust and moisture
  • Connection to control centres for centralised control and monitoring
  • Adaptation to a great variety of communication networks

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