Railway Transport

Arriving at your destination

Our solutions

  • Announcement centres as semi-automatic control centres
  • IP public address (PA) systems
  • Connection to higher-level passenger information systems (PISs)
  • Intercom systems
  • Systems for intercom-equipped booms

State-of-the-art communication and safety solutions by ProCom must meet the challenging demands of the railway sector. Time and again, our development teams are faced with stringent safety standards and demands for clear intelligibility in very noisy environments – and they overcome the challenges on every occasion. Our systems have many applications in the rail environment, ranging from PA systems for station concourses and platforms to complete announcement centres and operational communication systems for signal boxes and marshalling yards. In these situations, flexible IP-enabled solutions and the possibility of centralised control and the easy monitoring of installations are all considered to be equally important.

Areas of application:

  • Station platforms
  • Station concourses
  • Marshalling yards
  • Signal boxes & stretches of track
  • Level crossings

Typical requirements:

  • Passenger information and warnings
  • Interoperable IP-enabled PA systems
  • Links to centralised announcement centres
  • Links to central passenger information systems (PISs)
  • Local voice input option
  • A/B cabling
  • Flexible system sizes
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Process-related operational communication
  • Opening of continuously closed level crossings/intercom-equipped booms

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