Public Transport

On the move in the city

Our solutions

  • IP-based public address systems
  • Evacuation systems
  • Control stations with monitor-equipped workstations
  • Teleconferencing via control stations
  • Connection to higher-level passenger information systems (PISs)
  • Emergency call stations

Public transport system passengers have a great need for safety and security. Metro/subway and tramway stations provide a passenger with access to the public transport system and are a business card for the public transport company. Arrangements are therefore necessary to improve the perception of safety. Workstations are among the communication and safety solutions offered by ProCom. When danger threatens, a customer can request help by using an emergency telephone and is immediately connected to a point of contact. In the event of emergencies, the IP public address systems assists with targeted evacuation and the prevention of panic. The communication solutions are designed for use in public areas. By offering high levels of audio intelligibility – even in noisy environments and in compliance with current standards – our call station solutions help emergency services to monitor and intervene in the situation.

Areas of application:

  • Metro /Subway stations
  • Tramway stops

Typical requirements:

  • Targeted evacuation and the avoidance of panic in emergencies
  • Linking to central passenger information systems (PISs)
  • Local PA options
  • A/B cabling
  • Environment- and time-dependent amplifier control
  • Compliance with relevant standards
  • Local connection to a fire detection system

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