Heavy Industry

Hard-core industrial applications

Our solutions

  • Combined intercom and public address system
  • Weatherproof and explosion-proof call stations
  • Visually-enhanced communication by activation of strobes
  • Use of sound protection hoods
  • Crane call stations
  • Radio connectivity

At first glance, factors such as noise, dirt and high temperatures at blast furnaces and on cranes or rolling lines would make reliable communication in these environments seem impossible to achieve. However, clearly intelligible communication between various areas of a factory is a key factor in assuring efficient and safe production. The specific conditions prevailing in heavy industry require reliable, high-quality terminals. By providing clear speech transmission even in environments with high-volume noise, the robust ProCom industrial call stations assure smooth processes. Accessory loudspeakers, strobe lights and sound protection hoods round off systems that are suitable for extreme environments.

Areas of application:

  • Steel industry
    • Furnaces and smelters
    • Hot- and cold-rolling mills
    • Process control rooms
  • Aluminium plants
  • Cement works
  • Surface mining (excavators and conveyor systems)

Typical requirements:

  • Process-orientated communication
  • Communication at extremely high volumes
  • Temperature and weather resistance
  • Dust and dirt resistance
  • Crane communication
  • Robust call stations (operable with gloves)
  • Connection to control centres for centralised control and monitoring

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