Chemical Industry

Industry as an element

Our solutions

  • Public address and gernal alarm systems (PAGA systems)
  • Intercom systems
  • Redundancy solutions with high levels of availability
  • PC call stations and control centre systems
  • Explosion-proof call stations and loudspeakers
  • Door and gate intercoms

Highly sensitive areas in the chemical industry require an extremely high level of safety. Reliable communication with comprehensive coverage is essential for the safeguarding of people, machines and the environment. Areas at risk of an explosion require specific authorisations. We have the required certificates and our products and systems are aimed specifically at satisfying the stringent requirements of the chemical industry.

Areas of application:

  • Production plants in chemical works
  • Control centres and fire stations
  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Outdoor areas
  • Areas at risk of explosions

Typical requirements:

  • Targeted evacuation and the avoidance of panic in emergencies
  • Rapid communication setup
  • Comprehensive public address coverage
  • Visually-enhanced communication by activation of strobes
  • Explosion protecction (Zone 1 and Zone 2)
  • Resistance to chemical and corrosive influences
  • Connection to control centres for centralised control and monitoring
  • Integration of telephony
  • Connection to fire and gas alarm systems

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