ProCom Professional Communication & Service GmbH is an innovative enterprise working in the communication industry.

ProCom develops, manufactures, engineers and distributes communication systems with a wide range of applications, inclusive of the respective software and service requirements.


  Feb. 1996

Company:   Limited Company   (Ltd)
Registration:   HRB 18990
VAT No.:


Location:   Essen, Germany


Design your future with us!
Success needs continuity, as well as curiosity and openness
We are looking for people who campaign passionately for the attainment of our company-objectives, who are receptive to something new and who like to bring in their knowledge and skills.

To guarantee an efficient production we have organised the company in such a way that the emphasis is on developing the core aspects of our system:

  • - development of hardware and software
  • - layout of printed circuit boards and apparatus
  • - final assembly of systems and apparatus
  • - individual and system testing
  • - Commissioning and service

The casings and PCB production and assembly are outsourced to professional subcontractors, marketing and installation tasks are delegated:

  • - casing production inclusive of pre-assembly
  • - PCB manufacture and component assembly
  • - local marketing and sales
  • - installation and maintenance

A world wide coverage is secured with local representatives and companies working in cooperation for quick and efficient response to customer demands and of local servicing. This has resulted in approx. 30-40% of production being exported

The flexibility of the digital system DVS-21 inclusive of the user software ICS is independent of: system size, simple or complex structure, single system or integration of several systems inclusive of those from other manufacturers, or just the replacement/upgrade of existing central exchange units, retaining the peripheral equipment (intercom call stations and loudspeakers), and offers a wide range of professional product solutions.